Discord Configuration
To integrate Gamubs with your Discord server, you need to have the good level. - Team levels
Steps :
  • Invite Gamubs tournament bot on your Discord server
  • Link Discord server to Gamubs
  • Create your configuration
  • Install
  • Add tournament participant
  • Clean
As you see, you can decide to have all channels in the same category. But if your tournament have more than 40 participants, it's required to use Discord Categories to have multiple category !
You can generate channels according to participant team name. You need to checked the option and use *TEAMNAME* on your channel name.
As you can see above, You can precise who can write and see channel.
  • Everyone -> Permissions is set to everyone
  • Tournament participants -> All user from each participants
  • Team participant -> All user from the current team (Only when you checked the option to have dedicated channel name).
  • Nobody -> Nobody (except if you have the permission to manage channels)
A good thing to do is to create your configuration and reuse your Discord configuration. You just need to click on Download ! 😜
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